Dolomieu - Sissa Micheli



Born 1975 in Bruneck, South Tyrol, Italy. Lives and works in Vienna.

Déodat de Dolomieu, 2018
Archival pigment print
Courtesy Galleria Alessandro Casciaro


Dolomieu, 2018,
Opera in Three Acts (23.6.2018)
Libretto and concept by Sissa Micheli
Music by Georg Malfertheiner
Courtesy Galleria Alessandro Casciaro

Micheli’s recent multimedia work marks a thematic shift towards issues connected to the perception of nature, ontology of landscape and the understanding of science. Her latest grandiose oeuvre, conceived for the Biennale Gherdeina 6th, is a tour de force of a performance. Dolomieu – an opera in three acts for voices and orchestra with the participation of 15 solo singers and a choir – will be uniquely performed on the balconies of Ortisei’s pedestrian zone on the Biennale’s opening night. In this mature work – libretto by Micheli herself, musical score composed by Georg Malfertheiner –  the artist narrates the adventurous life and groundbreaking work of French geologist, Deodat Dolomieu, the ‘Father of the Pale Mountains’ named after him, the Dolomites. Once again Micheli reveals her astounding writing skills, the fruit of thorough research and a talent for a storytelling, as well as a keen sense of dramaturgy embodied in a dynamic biographical take on the life and work of a scientist admired by Alexandre Dumas.

Circolo Biennale Gherdeina VI-4080.jpg


Mountain Phenomenon, 2014
three-chanal video installation
Courtesy Galleria Alessandro Casciaro