photo: Simon Perathoner

photo: Simon Perathoner



Born 1976 in Vittorio Veneto, Italy. Lives and works in Rome

I Hear a Shadow, 2009-2011
Bronze, iron, acids
430 x 210 x 117 cm
Courtesy of the artist and Mariano Pichler


Biennale Gherdeina 6th reenacts Vascellari’s performative sculpture, I Hear A Shadow, conceived between 2009 and 2011 as an organic, visual and acoustic chamber of mystical experience. A monumental monolith, the bronze cast of the detonated top of a marble mountain occupies a major place of a twilight drama to come, accompanied by collages and slide projections that enhance a multi-sensory, almost psychedelic and kaleidoscopic effect. A series of collages develops the theme of a sunset and is intended as studies for the lighting of the sculpture; each collage is made from one magazine, in which the artist cuts each page to keep only the monochromatic areas, that generally correspond to the background of images. He then glues the pages, like as many sedimented landscapes, creating multi-layered and multi-colored abstract compositions from which silhouettes sometimes stand out. 160 slides reproducing the collages illuminate the monolith and activate it along with a quasi-shamanistic ritual, conducted by an artist in an almost trance-like, hallucinatory act which considers the mountain as a tribal instrument and transforms it into a resonance chamber. I Hear A Shadow is a search for a primeval language of the mountains, an uncanny excavation site of both natural history and human psyche.