Franz West, il titolo è un segno (giorno), Credit Simon Perathoner.jpg



*1947 - †2012, Vienna (A)
Lived and worked in Vienna.









steel, rigid foam, epoxy resin, glass fiber mat, synthetic resin-paint
Courtesy HHW Private Fundation, Vienna and Galerie Meyer Kainer, Vienna

The imperfect, unfinished and contradictory characterize the sculptural objects of Franz West, and the constant possibility of linking two very distant ideas, namely philosophy with fine irony. 
The work was created in 2011 as an artistic seat, raised at two points exactly at the right height to sit down. The sculpture is on display in a private garden in the old town of Ortisei, there for passers-by to act as conscious spectators, maybe even to become involved in a veritable conversation. Communication and interaction with his artworks have always been leitmotivs of Franz West’s artistic production, their culmination being a passionate exchange between the plastic form of the object and the individual human being.   
With this work Franz West refers to the philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein, with whom he devoted himself intensively for many years. The work is titled with a tickle that Franz West found in one of Wittgenstein's notebooks, along with the philosopher's remark that under certain circumstances a seemingly arbitrary or nonsensical line could indeed be "in some important sense" a musical composition.