*1983, Grancy, (CH)
Lives and works Berlin and Grancy (CH)

WOOOW, 2018
20 spruce trunks, each trunk 600 x 40 cm
Courtesy of the artist and König gallery, Berlin/London

Comte’s new work for the Biennale Gherdeina is a tour de force of sculptural gesture in regards to its scale and conceptual ambition - a pure expression of precision, radicality as well as a humor Comte just talked about…The artist considers the Dolomites’ mountainous hills as a blackboard where the palindromic WOOOW is spelled out with its boldness and grandiosity by 20 spruce trunks each 6m high. But WOOOW is not only a palindrome, it is also an onomatopoeia, meaning the word can be read with a particular sound in mind, a sound, enhanced by its picturesque surroundings, conjuring sentiments of reverence and awe. WOOOW holds no hierarchy of viewship, it can be read from all orientations, forwards and backwards, in this regard the work’s form of address can be thought of as democratic or egalitarian. WOOOW truly amazes by its monumentality and an accurate site-specificity as it constitutes a sincere tribute to the picturesque landscape of Sassolungo and its sublime quality, evoking both endurance and resilience, and praising the mountains as a site of awe and intimacy. The cyclicality of its utterance forever echoes over the hill tops, with humour and self-reflexiveness, we might wonder whether the sculpture is asking it’s reader to ruminate on what the natural world might be telling us.