Claudia Comte, Morphing sculpture 1 donut, cactus and snake (Viscosity range) (2) Credit Simon Perathoner.JPG



*1983, Grancy, (CH)
Lives and works in Berlin and Grancy (CH).

Morphing Sculpture 1: Donut, Cactus and Snake (Viscosity Range), 2018
Larch wood, 3D milling
300 x 150 x 100 cm
Courtesy of the artist and König Galerie, Berlin / London

The new work of Claudia Comte, conceived for the Biennale Gherdëina VI, Morphing Sculpture 1: Donut, Cactus and Snake (Viscosity Range), is a totemic collection of forms, a polyphonic assemblage of shapes, interacting one with another in a seemingly uncontrolled way, a formal carnival of sorts… Comte’s is both - an unconstrained joy of making art as well as an attempt to rethink the relationship between the human being and technology, between the man-made and natural materials. Each work is a study on the nature of transformation and metamorphosis. Comte investigates the properties of the materials, their physicality, as well as their magical properties; wood is her favorite medium in conversing with the nature and the universal reservoir of forms. “But with the wood, you have to take time and be gentle, because it cracks. You cannot push it”, the artist explains, “My fascination with wood is simply that it represents the biggest resource worldwide, it’s a material that was here long before us. Its artisanal quality suggests a counter trend and thus it’s so interesting for me to use. This material grows so slowly in comparison to the speed we communicate and do things today in our digital age. It’s heavy in essence and I am trying to make something precise, radical, and humorous out of it.”