© Simon Perathoner

© Simon Perathoner

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“I’m trying to see what the structure of reality could be,” explains Alicja Kwade while she practices her sculptural poetry and explores the lyrical fetishisms of materials. Her sculptures are meditations on time, space and the nature of objects. She engages with the question of what constitutes the “truth” and “time” of an object, and whether this can be equated with the information that describes it. Materials such as stone, glass and wood are transformed in her sculptural arrangement via elaborate, alchemical operations. Through these physical shifts, Kwade proposes new meaning and value.
Kwade’s new work, Absorption (Dolomite), conceived especially for the Biennale Gherdëina VI and displayed at the crossway of the pedestrian zone, appropriates original Dolomite stone and invites it into a series of transformations through scanning and duplication. The artist engages the viewer in a vertiginous interplay of perception as the walls of the mirror expand space and reflect the surrounding area, literally absorbing it, as the title suggests. Thus Kwade theatricalizes nature and the human being’s participation in it, creating a situation of sensual and cognitive tension. 



*1979, Katowice (PL)
Lives and works in Berlin.

Absorption (Dolomite), 2018
Dolomite stone, aluminum, bronze patinated, powder coated steel         
250 x 290 cm
Courtesy of the artist and König Galerie, Berlin / London