Perfomance at the opening Alessandro De Francesco and Laila Dell'Anno at the Diogenes's Barrel

Perfomance at the opening Alessandro De Francesco and Laila Dell'Anno at the Diogenes's Barrel




Born 1983 in Grancy, Switzerland. Lives and works in Berlin and Grancy.

Alessandro De Francesco
Sureghes / Überwasser / Oltretorrente, 2018
Cycle of six poems for the Biennale Gherdëina
Digital print on paper, framed
23 x 29,7 cm each
German translation by Laila Dell’Anno
Ladin translation by Milva Mussner
English translation by the author and Andreas Burckhardt



With the term “reading environment” the artist defines his multiple projects of performative diffusion of the poetic textuality.

Poetic narrative Überwasser/Sureghes/Oltretorrente by Alessandro De Francesco, commissioned for the Biennale and conceived by the artist during a short residency in Val Gardena, is a manifesto of an “intimate immensity” of the Dolomites: a series of sensual tableaux that along with a lexicon of the nature’s elemental language provide a prototype for WRITING THE MOUNTAINS multiple scenarios. De Francesco’s six short poems explore in a gestural and subjective way the essence of a site, its lyrical dimension and a relationship with a human being; his is an imaginary conversation with the woods and the waters, the peak’s curved lines, the infinite skin of space…; an act of poetic generosity and an acknowledgment of the nature’s hospitality and uniqueness. 

Alessandro De Francesco considers poetry as an artistic practice; his work which he describes as “language art” focuses on the interaction between poetry, sound art, installation, digital writing, and page design. De Francesco "reading environments" and "augmented writing" consist of sonic and visual enhancements of multiple textual materials by means of reading digital voice processing and writing design software. 


With One Poetic Engine: Dolomites the artist pays a tribute to Val Gardena local community. A series of interviews with some representatives of the region’s political, cultural and social life develop the notion of belonging and emphasize the significance of the natural environment and its influence upon everyday life as well as upon the construction of an individual and a collective identity.